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Ferris Wheels, College football, and things that go more than 200 mph.


Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard
5 January

Birthdate: Jan 5
Hair: sentient
eyes: hazel
weight: 162
height: 6'1"

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard at your service...though I don't really stand on ceremony that much--so you can just call me "John" or "Sheppard". I'll answer to anything, really--though if you call me "elf ears" I'll probably shoot you...but just a little..and politely. I arrived here in the Pegasus Galaxy about 2 years ago, through the Stargate. It was touch and go there for a while, but things seem to have settled into a pretty predictable routine. Explore, nearly die, find something cool to play with, nearly die again from said "cool thing"....tune out Rodney's yelling...the usual. Really, I kid because I love...Rodney, that is. Don't ask Don't tell kind of lost it's meaning the first time we all met the Wraith--seems people stop caring who they're holding on to when death comes that close--no matter their sex. It's caused some problems, yes--but I think we've all agreed that it's been for the better.

March 12th by the Earth Calendar, I married those I love in a small ceremony surrounded by our closest friends.
dr_rodneymckay, dr_c_beckettengineer_radek,dr_macgregor
life. is. good.

This journal will document the things that go on here in Atlantis--the things I can share, at least. You *are* cleared, aren't you? Suuuuure you are. We'll just keep that our little secret.

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WARNING: Content in this journal is sometimes crass, crude, graphic, profane, pornographic, or otherwise offensive. Content may not be suitable for persons under 18. This is an adult character in a Roleplaying Game environment, therefore sexual issues will be discussed and described. If you are under legal age, I am not responsible for your ignorance of this disclaimer.
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